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I realized I needed an artist site because my webcomic Fried Cheese Balls is so topical that posting about anything not related to India or Indian culture just seems off-topic. That site needs to have a tight focus – and I needed a place where I could get on my soapbox & shout to my heart’s content. […]

Predicting the future

I’m a member of the Webcomic Underdogs group on Facebook and the last Sunday of every month is Self Promo Sunday. We get to link to our webcomic and answer a few questions – this is my prediction for the near future Read the rest of the response and find some cool webcomics at Making Comics!

Comic writing advice from Matt Sturges

In 2011, I went to my first comic-con- Wizard World in Austin. It was fun and something I took my older kids (then 9 & 6) for half a day too. I didn’t go to very many panels but one has stayed with me: Wizard Writing School with Matt Sturges & Nathan Edmonson. I’ll admit that […]

Thoughts on the #iPadPro, #digitalart and #productivity

Apple revealed the iPad Pro last week and digital art creators everywhere are agog. The bigger screen and the (so tempted to pull a Jony Ive and thrown in revolutionary here) Pencil answer the needs of a lot of artists. We like larger areas to draw & paint and most styluses are mediocre at best. If you […]

Reviewing the Tampa Bay Comic Convention #tbcc2015

Yes, this is indeed late as the con finished 2 weeks ago. It was 3 exhausting days of absolute bliss, followed by a week of I hate working I just want to write and draw comics all day. (I’m sure I’m not the only artist who has those weeks, there must be a support group online […]

Why Looney Tunes is still great

I loved Looney Tunes as a kid (who didn’t?) and finally watched them with the kids in the past year. They hold up incredibly well – the comedy is timeless. This video explains why.

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