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I realized I needed an artist site because my webcomic Fried Cheese Balls is so topical that posting about anything not related to India or Indian culture just seems off-topic. That site needs to have a tight focus – and I needed a place where I could get on my soapbox & shout to my heart’s content. […]

Berke Breathed on his return to cartooning after 25 years in carbonite

It’s fascinating to hear Berke Breathed talk about his return. I’m thankful that he’s not as private as Bill Watterson, who I’m sure would have some great opinions and advice to share. Berke just did an interview on NPR’s Fresh Air (check it out here) and two things he said jumped out at me: It’s why does […]

Predicting the future

I’m a member of the Webcomic Underdogs group on Facebook and the last Sunday of every month is Self Promo Sunday. We get to link to our webcomic and answer a few questions – this is my prediction for the near future Read the rest of the response and find some cool webcomics at Making Comics!

Comic writing advice from Matt Sturges

In 2011, I went to my first comic-con- Wizard World in Austin. It was fun and something I took my older kids (then 9 & 6) for half a day too. I didn’t go to very many panels but one has stayed with me: Wizard Writing School with Matt Sturges & Nathan Edmonson. I’ll admit that […]

Thoughts on the #iPadPro, #digitalart and #productivity

Apple revealed the iPad Pro last week and digital art creators everywhere are agog. The bigger screen and the (so tempted to pull a Jony Ive and thrown in revolutionary here) Pencil answer the needs of a lot of artists. We like larger areas to draw & paint and most styluses are mediocre at best. If you […]

Reviewing the Tampa Bay Comic Convention #tbcc2015

Yes, this is indeed late as the con finished 2 weeks ago. It was 3 exhausting days of absolute bliss, followed by a week of I hate working I just want to write and draw comics all day. (I’m sure I’m not the only artist who has those weeks, there must be a support group online […]

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