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So I started teaching improv comedy to kids…

My foray into improv comedy at the Tampa Bay Comic Con has been quite the unexpected detour. I enjoyed it so much that I joined a couple of meetups to scratch the itch. And it was so much fun that I knew kids would love it – so I started teaching at our homeschool co-op. […]

Contemplating things at the end of the year…

I’ve loathed New Year’s Resolutions for years. People should be taking stock and reviewing their lives regularly; doing it once a year is not enough. But I have to admit that the end of the year, with the holidays and Workus Interruptus, is a good to time to stop & consider things deeply. And consider I […]

Berke Breathed on his return to cartooning after 25 years in carbonite

It’s fascinating to hear Berke Breathed talk about his return. I’m thankful that he’s not as private as Bill Watterson, who I’m sure would have some great opinions and advice to share. Berke just did an interview on NPR’s Fresh Air (check it out here) and two things he said jumped out at me: It’s why does […]

Fried Cheese Balls featured in the racial & cultural diversity in comics blog!

Much thanks to Super Heroes in Full Color for featuring my comic on their blog devoted to racial and cultural diversity in comic books (and derivative works). The world is way, way, way more diverse than the mass media would have you believe – it’s good to see people trying to make a difference. Check […]

Predicting the future

I’m a member of the Webcomic Underdogs group on Facebook and the last Sunday of every month is Self Promo Sunday. We get to link to our webcomic and answer a few questions – this is my prediction for the near future 🙂 Read the rest of the response and find some cool webcomics at Making […]

Comic writing advice from Matt Sturges

In 2011, I went to my first comic-con- Wizard World in Austin. It was fun and something I took my older kids (then 9 & 6) for half a day too. I didn’t go to very many panels but one has stayed with me: Wizard Writing School with Matt Sturges & Nathan Edmonson. I’ll admit that […]

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